Deborah School has been committed to equipping students with the tools they need for academic, economic and social achievement for the past 28 years. The school strives to empower every student to reach and shatter their highest potential by providing a quality education that always meets and exceeds international standards for education. Partnering with parents and the community, we also provide programs and activities that develop every students’ physical, mental, and social skills. Many of the success stories of our alumni are testaments to the commitment we have for excellence.

Here at Deborah, the safety and well-being of our students, teachers, and administrators are our highest priority. The school has been in frequent contact with Ethiopian health authorities, as well as education officials, and we continue to coordinate with them on all required academic, health and safety-related measures regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Over the last few weeks, in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, Deborah School had to make important decisions based on urgent and unpredictable circumstances. We made these decisions to keep our students and the public as safe as possible from the virus. Some of the decisions we made include

  • Suspending face-to-face instruction
  • Conducting a professional deep-cleaning and disinfecting of the school grounds and classrooms
  • Asking most of our faculty and employees to work from home and provide maximum flexibility
  • Enabling students and teachers to communicate via the internet to continue the educational process
  • Building and promoting online learning

I realize that some of these measures are challenging for some of us and more than what we all asked for. However, with what we are seeing with regards to COVID-19, they are absolutely essential in our fight to protect every person. I also highly encourage students and parents to continue being constantly informed about the outbreak and to take all the safety recommendations given by healthcare professionals very seriously.

I want to personally encourage every student to keep and guard their passion, focus, and drive to become successful. This is the time that your parents and the community need your strength to forge ahead in the face of many difficulties. The safety of your parents and the community is absolutely dependent on the measures each one of you takes. Stay home, wash your hands frequently, keep a social distance and follow all the instructions health care professionals provide.

Lastly, I would like to commend all of our parents to the commitment you made to keep our students and community safe and successful. As a parent myself, I know the struggles and challenges you encounter when raising children. However, all these struggles are unmatched with the joy you get from seeing the success and triumph of your children. The time seems difficult, nevertheless, the story of Resurrection always reminds us that there is always hope and peace after the struggle is over.
May the Lord lift up your heart at Resurrection and always,

Demmelash Aysheshim Birilie

General Manager

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