I would like to extend to you a very happy Resurrection! The Deborah School community looks forward to celebrating Easter with joy and happiness.

Regardless of where you are in your life, no matter what’s happening in the world, the resurrection of Christ reminds us that there is a victory over suffering. Knowing this shall sustain us and give us a hope in the path ahead of us. We have a confidence that the future is bright. For Deborah school, that includes triumph in the academics of our students, health and wellbeing in the welfare of out esteemed parents, and success in the work of our instructors and staffs. This hope guides us in making the right decisions now and always, so that we can achieve the future our school imagines. As always, our success as a School also rests in your hands.

Dear Parents,

Deborah School has continued to deliver its world-class quality education to its students. We are in a new era of science and technology with a new horizon of opportunity. With this in mind, Deborah School has built a state-of-the-art six stories building to serve as the open door to discovery and growth. This improvement is also coupled with a great investment in our teachers and staff. With all these investments, the school has endured significant financial cost. However, after much deliberation, we at Deborah School have deemed it necessary to keep our tuition rates the same in order to help our highly esteemed parents.

Beginning in the coming academic year 2015 E.C., there will not be a tuition increase. This was a tough decision to make, however your welfare is our highest priority. We are committed with continuing providing you with premium quality education. Thank you for your ongoing support.

We highly encourage you to be on the lookout for upcoming registration dates and deadlines so that you’ll not miss your spot. We wish you and your family a Happy Resurrection and a blessed springtime.

Demmelash Aysheshim
General Manager

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