Deborah School is located in Summit area, east corner of Addis Ababa. The school was opened in 1992GC upon the deep interest of two couples, Mr. Demmelash Aysheshim Birilie and Mrs. Sefigeta Minishre Asfiha. The couples’ keen interest in being engaged in child care services laid grounds for the opening of the Child Care Center in their villa which they had to first dedicate it for this purpose. Due to the founders’ relentless effort, the students’ number boosted from 20 to 100 in only three months after its inauguration.

In its 28 years history, the school has served tens of thousands of students. It is also staffed with plenty of teachers, teaching assistants and administrative workers. Parent involvement in the school is strong and positive. The community cares about its school and takes pride in the accomplishments of its students. As Deborah School pioneered private school systems in the Addis, it has a long and important role in the life of the city and its metropolitan area, producing successful citizens in the community and the Nation.

For the past 28 years the school has strived to place itself at the vanguard of the provision of quality education. Today the school has begun to push for the restructuring of all divisions by implementing a major reform effort which mainly emphasizes the quality of education. The reform effort which entails strengthening the three divisions (Kindergarten, Elementary, and High School) and creating teams of teachers and students, has already started to show some sparkling positive outcomes from the start.

One major attribute of the reform is to personalize instruction. Teachers know their students well, i.e., they know their strengths and weakness especially after having them in their classes over an extended period of time. Imagine what can happen when lessons are developed around a student’s personal needs or learning style. The school strongly believes that it is in this system that a deeper understanding of concepts and a greater amount of learning takes place. We also believe that is just one way to begin making Deborah the best high school in the city.



If students are to achieve their full potential, they need and deserve an educational setting where each is known personally; where coursework is interesting and challenging; where students establish positive relationships with peers and adults; where character development and ethical issues are discussed openly and candidly; and where accountability, self-awareness, and independence are encouraged and nurtured in preparation for success in college and beyond.


  • Nourishing in our students an enthusiasm for learning, and encouraging students to integrate all their knowledge, whether gained in or out of a classroom

  • Teaching and developing skills we believe are essential for personal success and happiness, such as integrity, appreciation, problem-solving, resilience, pride, follow-through, and responsibility

  • Establishing a diverse and reflective community of learners that includes children, parents, teachers, and community members

  •  Developing a healthy perspective and appreciation of the world around them