Dear Deborah School Community, the school sincerely asks you to apply all the procedures given by the government and ministry of health to stop the spread of the coronavirus in our country.

In addition, students should stay home, most importantly read their notes and work also on their assignments sent by their teachers. They should also listen to radio lessons and watch tv lessons based on the schedule.

One of the goals of the school is to develop our students with the best character. To do this the school always dedicates character trait for each month and make students practice the character trait for each month. Thus, the character trait for the month of April is DEDICATION: the ability to continue trying to do something, although it is very difficult.

The school asks all parents and students to practice the month’s character trait DEDICATION. That is the school asks you to show your dedication by staying at home, by keeping your social distance as well parents by following and helping your child in their study.

If you have encountered any difficulty while you are following and helping your child in his/her study, please contact the school for any question, comment and academic aid with the following address. The school is also dedicated to helping students in all matters. The addresses are listed below.









You can also contact us through email address as well through our P.o.Box – 33024, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

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